Students!!  Get your Tiger Tail Passport for Spring 2020 and enjoy UNLIMITED SERVICE in the Downtown Corridor, during our regular service hours (7-10pm Tue-Sat)

  1. Bring one GUEST FOR FREE any time you ride
  2. ONLY  a $5 fee for additional passengers (up to 4) per service trip
  3. During other hours, Text-2-ride service provided on an "as available" basis
  4. Sunday & Monday special service when scheduled 24 hours in advance

Tiger Tail Passport Spring 2020

  • The Tiger Tail Passport status entitles the registered user to UNLIMITED service within the Downtown Corridor during Regular Service Hours for the Spring 2020 semester.  Passport holders are also allowed a FREE GUEST each time they ride.  Additional passengers (up to 4) may join for a flat fee of $5 per service trip.  The Downtown Corridor includes on-campus housing locations (Douthit, the Horseshoe, the Shoeboxes/Core, & the Quad), College Avenue to the off-campus area north of Tiger Blvd. to include Elm and Calhoun streets, extending to CAT Bus stop at the Lofts.

    When a vehicle is in service, Tiger Tail Passport holders may board anywhere the Tuk is stoped, provided there is seating available, and the driver is not fulfilling a Text 2 Ride request.  Passport holders may also request Text 2 Ride pick-up during off hours/days and these requests are met on an "as available" basis.

    Not valid on home Football Game Days, Holidays, or other products.  If access to campus or any public street is limited due to any civic or university policy, Tiger Tail Tuktuk is not held responsible for lack of access.

    The Tiger Tail Passport account must be registered, and may be used by only one individual.  Registered users are issued a cell pone wallet to designate Tiger Tail Passport status and privledges.  The cell phone wallet remains the property of Tiger Tail Tuktuk (Encore2K,LLC).

    If, at boarding, a Tiger Tail Passport is presented by anyone who is not the registered user, the Passport will be confiscated.

  • No Refunds on this product.